Working Holiday Visa

I wasn’t even finished with my year in France before I hatched a new plan to move abroad again.

Last spring my Facebook feed was constantly flooded with ads from Tourism Australia for their Best Jobs in the World competition. The roles at stake were along the lines of Chief Funster, Tassie Devil Wrangler and Outback Adventurer. It looked awesome. All you had to do was upload a 2 minute video about why you wanted to win one of those jobs. Simple enough, right? The problem was, there were already thousands of contestants with amazing video footage and countless likes. No way would I have ever caught up to them – and that was if, if I could slap together a mediocre video in a couple of days before the deadline.

No thanks.

Instead, I headed over to the Australian Embassy website and discovered they had a visa available where you could be any one of those things – funster, adventurer, photographer – and not have to win a competition to do so. It’s called the Working Holiday Visa (or technically for Americans it’s the Work & Holiday Visa). With this visa, you have the right to live in Australia for up to 12 months, but are limited to 6 months of work with any one employer. Fine by me! This encourages you to bump around and focus more on traveling the country.

The best part for me about this visa is that unlike in France and many other countries, you don’t have to have a job contract to apply for the visa. In fact, most people I’ve spoken to have said don’t worry about finding a job until after you arrive since you may not want to lock yourself into anything before you even get there.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the visa, click here. The visa costs around $400 (not cheap!), but you have 12 months to enter Australia once you apply. The visa is valid for 12 months upon entry. It took me less time to get the visa than it does to get a pizza delivered. I received my approval email within 30 minutes of applying. (Yes, I double and triple checked to make sure it’s valid.)

11 days and counting!

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