I have arrived in the land down under after almost a full 24 hours of travel.

I flew out of Dulles at 5 pm on Tuesday September 9 and arrived in LA at about 730 pm. I have to say, for being such an international travel hub, LAX is a terribly inefficient airport. You have to exit (thankfully didn’t have to collect my bag) the terminal to then walk to the international terminal and go through security again. Anyway, by the time that was over I really only had enough time to eat and sit at the gate for 15 minutes before my 10:15 pm flight started to board.

The flight from LA to Sydney was just about 15 hours. It actually went by much more quickly than I thought, thanks to a bit of melatonin. I usually don’t sleep on flights and watch movies the whole time but I figured I didn’t want to be a zombie as soon as I arrived. I was worried too, because there was a small child two rows in front of me but I only heard him fuss once. I’m annoyed because I went through the smart card lane instead of going to a border patrol officer, so I didn’t get a stamp 😦 but I suppose there is always time for that.

Right now, its 3 pm in Australia. I landed this morning at 6:20 am, September 11 (I completely skipped the day of September 10 – what happened that day?). I was feeling quite perky this morning, but am starting to lose some steam. Don’t know how exactly I expect to make it til this evening.

I have yet to go out and explore downtown Sydney, I’ll save that for tomorrow. Today was more for getting an Australian number, applying for my Tax File Number (which you need for bank accounts, employers, etc) and.. that’s about it. I have year, so ya know… I think I can be lazy today.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.08.27 PM

My only proof that I’m in Australia.. is that Google says so.

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