I’ve been here in Sydney for 10 days and still have some things I need to tick off my list. But I have been touristing quite a bit since arriving.

The first two days being an exception; I was so jetlagged I didn’t do much besides set up a phone number and bank account. And then I’d go to my friend Sara’s office to use the wifi.

Finally, Saturday I headed into the city. We met up with Sara’s friend Stephanie, another American who was in town for a conference, and went for dim sum (here it’s called yum cha) in Chinatown. We took our obligatory tourist pics in front of the Opera House before catching a ferry to Manly, one of Sydney’s neighborhoods which boasts its second-most famous beach.


Sunday we headed to Bondi to see the kite festival and there were an insane amount of people. I can’t imagine how crowded it gets in the summer. However, I definitely understand where Bondi’s reputation comes from: the beach is absolutely stunning. I returned a couple days later to walk the path along Coogee to Bondi, which harbors even more stunning views along the coast.

3 americanas in Oz

Bondi kite festival

Somewhere in between Coogee and Bondi.

Sydney has be the city boasting the most beaches in the world, including some of the most famous ones. Apparently there are over 100 beaches, although this does include a number of beaches that stretch well up the coast (at least 40 km), which somehow still count as Sydney. I visited one of these ‘Northern Beaches’ called Palm Beach, which is where they film the soap opera Home & Away. There’s a lighthouse you can walk up to where you have a stunning view of the bay to one side and watch the Pacific stretch on for miles on the other.


I’ve also done a walking tour of the city, walked/ran across the Harbour Bridge a couple times, gone for a weekend pub lunch, walked through Luna Park and the Botanical Gardens, saw bits of the Sydney Marathon, gone on a mini driving tour of the eastern neighborhoods and had drinks at both Opera Bar (right in front of the Opera House) and O Bar, which offers a 360 degree view of the city thanks to a(n extremely slow) rotating platform.

Harbour Bridge & Opera House (and ‘The City’ in the background)

Creepy clown face welcoming you to Luna Park

View of the Harbour at night from O Bar – it took 90 minutes to do one full rotation around the restaurant

Stumbled upon this pretty little beach in Watson’s Bay

The Gap at Watson’s Bay


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