Australia is big

I think a lot of people don’t realize (I certainly didn’t) just how big Australia is.

If you place a map Australia over a map of the US, it’s just about the same size.

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What really puts it in perspective for me, besides the overlay map of course, is the driving distances between cities in Australia. From Melbourne to Sydney is 9 hours, Sydney to Brisbane is 10 hours 40 minutes, Brisbane to Cairns is 20 hours 😱 ! If you were to drive across the country from Sydney to Perth it would take one day and 18 or so hours.

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Just a bit of a geography lesson : Australia has six states and two territories. There are roughly 23.6 million people in Australia, with 4.7 million living in Sydney. So although the country is as big as the US, it’s much less densely populated. We have about 319 million people, of which 19.6 million live in NY. In Australia, the center is pretty much unpopulated. The majority of the country lives on the coast; a 2009 statistic said that 85% of Australians lived within 50 km (31 miles) of the coast.

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This map shows comparisons between Australia and the US, and it’s funny how accurate these comparisons are. Although Brisbane is NOT dirty!

So there you go, you learn something new everyday. Australia is on top down under!

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Some lucky person will be receiving this postcard from me.


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