Thanksgiving in Oz

I am sad to say this is now my third Thanksgiving away from home. But just because it wasn’t in America doesn’t mean it wasn’t Thanksgiving!

And before you ask, no Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (and yes I’ve had people ask me that). To my knowledge they don’t have a similar holiday. They celebrate Australia Day in January, but that’s more equivalent to our Fourth of July.

It’s hard to remember that it even is Thanksgiving back home, with the hot weather and lack of any paraphernalia being sold in the shops. But my au pair family was keen on getting in on the celebrations and having a meal.

In Brisbane it’s been hovering in the 90s for the past week. We didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, because more so than turkey not being weather appropriate, I couldn’t be fussed to cook one.


I substituted salt & pepper shrimp, excuse me, prawns, as the main with an awesome chili lime dipping sauce. Side dishes included kale chips, asparagus and a caprese salad. I should have known that here they would call buffalo mozzarella something else (bocconcini). So instead of the nice semi-soft, fluffiness of fresh mozzarella, I ended up with one that more resembles the cheese found in string cheese. Still worked though I guess. And brownies for dessert.

It was a great meal, and although it wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving (ie my Dad setting the deck on fire, my mom overflowing the dishwasher with laundry detergent and me stuffing my face with cookie dough in front of the fire while watching The Christmas Story with our family friends in Chincoteague) I was definitely thankful to have people to celebrate it with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taresa, the mum, on the right and her sister Jan with Chloe on the left.


  1. Well done! In the future though, you might want to look for the brand Paesanella Cheese as they make the mozzarella you’re used to. 🙂

    In any event, it’s a harvest festival so making dinner out of what’s seasonal where you’re at is quite traditional for one definition of that word.


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