The land of man buns

BuzzFeed highlighted the man bun phenomenon a couple weeks ago in this article.

They only mention the buns, but you’ll notice all save one or two have beards or at least some scruff that accompanies their bun. And let’s face it, I think it’s somewhat obligatory otherwise you end up looking like this guy
IMG_5457.JPG Credit BuzzFeed

Now, I’m assuming much hasn’t changed since I’ve left the US, but the only men I’ve seen rocking this style are celebrities. True, I was in DC and not a more trend- conscious city like New York or LA. In any event, this style has taken hold here in Australia.

In Sydney it felt ubiquitous; look around you in any given social scene and you’d see a guy rocking a bun and a beard. In Brisbane, I’ve noticed it less so. I’m sure in Melbourne it’s more common, but that’s just assuming (and you know what they say about when you assume things).

At first I was really thrown off by it. Why did so many guys have buns? Aren’t those for girls who do ballet? Just kidding, I don’t support gender bias. Truthfully though, I think part of why I was a bit shocked to see so many Aussie guys rockin it is because a lot of American guys consider themselves too masculine to have long hair, much less style it in a bun.
Maybe I’m wrong, and if so just tell me to can it.

It’s really started to grow on me though. Beards too. I was never a big fan of those, but pair it with a man bun and you’ve got my attention.
IMG_5907.JPGOh Bradley, you perfect human being, you
Credit BuzzFeed

The man, the myth, the legend, the catalyst for man buns everywhere…Jared Leto
IMG_5456.JPG Credit BuzzFeed

While we’re on the topic, another hairstyle that seems to be popular for guys is trimming the sides, leaving more hair on top.

IMG_5458.JPG credit

For girls, one that seems to have taken off a lot more here than in the US (again, basing this off DC standards) is shaving one side of the scalp while leaving the rest intact à la Ellie Goulding during her Skrillex phase. Also known as the undercut.
IMG_5459.JPG Credit (this is not Ellie)

The first time I saw this was on Ellie at one of her concerts almost four years ago now and I didn’t realize it was a hairstyle. I thought she’d had to shave that side of her head for surgery or something. How silly of me.


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