That time I met an Australian MP..and had no idea who he was

Since living in Brisbane, I started volunteering for the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). They co-hosted an event last month with Greenpeace in a push for more transparent seafood labeling laws. It’s an issue many Australians, regardless of political affiliation, are concerned about. It was quite interesting, as one of the speakers pointed out, there was a chef, a commercial fisherman, a farmer/author and Greenpeace all coming together for a common cause. Especially since fisherman and Greenpeace usually don’t get along.

Anyway, during the speeches one of the attendees came up to where the other volunteers and I were standing. And let me tell you, he looked ridiculous. More like he belonged in Texas than in Australia.

Although I’m told this outfit is typical of Western Queensland

He asked how we were connected to the event. When we told him we were AMCS volunteers he said, “Oh, you’re the enemy.” Uh? “Why, who do you work for?” I asked him. And he gave me some vague, non-answer, which is typical of politicians – should have known! When he walked away, one of the girls told me that was Bob Katter, a member of Parliament (MP), our equivalent to a member of Congress. And then she burst out laughing. Because I met a member of Parliament, had no idea who he was and insulted him by asking him what he did for a living.

And it’s not like he’s a new player to the game; he recently celebrated 40 years in politics. And has his own political party, which he named after himself (of course).

Whatever, my excuse is that I’m a foreigner! Anyway, serves him right. He was only there for show, clearly not even listening to the speeches since he was talking to us.

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