Chrissy in Oz

This year was the first year I did not spend Christmas in the States. When Thanksgiving came around, I was really homesick, which is strange because I haven’t been in the US for the past 3 years at Thanksgiving. I thought it was just going to get worse as Christmas came closer. I spent about two (maybe three) weeks doing nothing but whinging about missing home and complaining about how hot it’s been.

Then I just decided to get over it. I think my upcoming trip to Tasmania helped keep my mind off it. Plus it just doesn’t feel like Christmas since it’s mid-summer.

What’s funny is that a lot of the decorations and cards imply a wintry scene. They still have SNOWmen and icicle lights. Santa is still depicted in his full red suit, and let’s be honest if he was wearing that in Australia he would die of heat exhaustion.

A typical Aussie Christmas consists of eating seafood, playing cricket and chillan on the beach in a santa hat. All of which I did.
Our cricket ‘game’

To get in the spirit, I went to look at Christmas lights with friends on Sunday. A local radio station hosts a ‘craziest Christmas lights’ contest and some people take it really seriously. Certain neighborhoods were packed with people walking around looking at lights and it was hard to get a park.
One of the houses and a full on photo studio where you could get your picture with Santa and have it printed on the spot.

Christmas Eve run with my santa hat

Despite the upper 80s temperature on the 24, the au pair fam and I had a Christmas roast. And then went to look at more Christmas lights. The next morning we had Christmas brekky and opened prezzies before driving down to Gold Coast to have lunch with extended family.
Chloe and me in front of the tree

Christmas Eve din din

Christmas lunch

On the 26, we headed to the beach at Tweed Heads before returning to the extended fam’s house for lunch and my first backyard cricket game. I spent the rest of the day on the beach watching kitesurfers and reading my guidebook like a good tourist.

Overall it was a good first hot Christmas. Today I’m off early for 10 days in Tasmania. Pictures to follow!

Wish you all happy holidays & a great New Year!

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