All Roads Lead to Roam

Drum roll please…

I’ve got a new blog & domain name (and Twitter handle while we’re at it)!

I’ve recently been contemplating getting more serious about travel blogging, so having a url just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. And while I loved my current blog title, ‘Land of Oz’, I thought if I’m going to keep traveling after Australia, I need a name that’s going to reflect that.

So, ‘All Roads Lead to Roam’ was born! Get it, get it? Thanks to my genius, and okay, more so the genius of my friend Sara, we came up with the new title. Because who doesn’t love a little bit of wordplay infused with a travel quote?

Anyway, in the next month or so I plan to update my site template, so expect some changes.

From now on I’ll be blogging at . And for my 27 trusty subscribers (I thought I only had 12 until I just checked, so woohoo!), you’ll still receive notifications when I write a new post. If not let me know!



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