Adventure into Middle Earth

Last Thursday marked my last day as an au pair in good ole Brissie. I am just about midway through my working holiday year in Australia, which is crazy that it’s flown by so fast.

Today I arrived in Middle Earth aka New Zealand. I took a Hobbit plane. And by that I mean the plane was a walking (flying) advertisement for the LOTR franchise. The outside was decorated in the Hobbit movie poster. Even the safety video had the air hostesses dressed as elves and featured Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson. I have to admit it was pretty cool. 

skytower aka Auckland’s space needle

I’ll be spending the next three weeks in New Zealand, with my friends Meredith and Ellie who are flying over from the States. I’m in Auckland for three days before they arrive on Saturday and then we’ll rent a car and drive from Auckland in the North Island to Queenstown in the South. 

We’ve got lots of cool adventures planned, but some highlights include: 

Hiking the Routeburn Track

Adventure activities in Queenstown 

(All photo credits in html links)

That will be yours truly in a couple weeks, although much less gracefully I’m sure. 

Follow along to see what I get up to in the land of kiwis!

Has anyone else been to New Zealand? Any recommendations?


  1. Just did a post that almost had the same title as yours. We just came to Australia after spending 4 weeks with the Kiwis in NZ. If you’re going to Queenstown, you should also spend some time in beautiful Wanaka. It’s just as pretty and much less touristy. Enjoy NZ.


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