West is Best

The rivalry between the east and west coasts doesn’t run as deep here as it does back home, probably because the overwhelming majority of Australia’s population lives on the east coast. In the States, overconfident west coasters go around boasting ‘West is Best.’ I actually heard this phrase mentioned a couple of times when I was in Western Australia. Back home I would usually reply to this with ‘East is Beast!!’ But here in Oz, I’d have to say I’m a West is Best girl.

Don’t get me wrong – the East Coast is amazing. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are all interesting cities in their own right. The Great Ocean Road is gorgeous, the Great Barrier Reef is breathtaking and trips to Fraser Island and the Whitsundays are ones that I will never forget.

But there’s just something about the West Coast that is so unique. Maybe it’s the rugged beauty of the coast and the stunning beaches. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s just so uninhabited. There’s way less tourists than on the east coast, which is a definite plus. All around it just feels more ‘wild’ than the east coast.

I was telling someone that I had just traveled the West Coast and they asked, “Is there even anything out there?” Many people think that there’s nothing there besides Perth. And they’re right – there are no other cities that come nearly as close size-wise. But what I liked best about Western Australia was the nature. Or neature, as my friend Meredith likes to call it. Because nature is neat. There are stunning landscapes, beautiful national parks and even a coral reef that rivals that of the Great Barrier.

If my words aren’t enough to convince you, just take a look at these pictures:

The quokkas of Rottnest Island
Beaches of Rottnest
The Pinnacles Desert
Kalbarri National Park
Shell Beach, Shark Bay
Redness of the Western Outback
The dolphins of Shark Bay. Photo credit to fellow volunteer Glen Bradford
WA sunsets
Ningaloo Reef… Australia’s other coral reef
Swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth
Joffre Gorge, Karijini National Park
Fortescue Falls, Karijini National Park
Geikie Gorge, The Kimberleys
Mimbi Caves, The Kimberleys.


Have you been to Western Australia? Are you West is Best or East is Beast?


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