Skydiving Byron Bay [video]

Last week I went down to Byron Bay for a couple days because why not?

Before coming to Australia, one thing I knew I wanted to do during my year here was skydive. I had thought about it plenty of times before – in Cairns, on the West Coast, here in Airlie – but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. So when I remembered that you can skydive in Byron Bay, I was hell-bent on doing it.

I met my friend Max on Friday at the coach station in Brisbane and before we had even boarded the bus down to Byron we were booked on a skydive. Since we booked through Wicked Travel, they offered us a voucher for a free surfboard hire but it was just *a little bit* cold for surfing. Besides, I didn’t even see any locals surfing while we were there because the waves were pretty small. And there were recent shark attacks, so there’s that. We were set to skydive on Monday morning, so we had all weekend to look forward to it. Or to dread it, depending on how you look at it.

When Monday came, we were all ready to go and waiting outside at 7 am for our pickup when I received a text saying the skydive was delayed due to weather and they’d contact us again in a couple hours. It ended up being too windy that day so we pushed our jump to Tuesday. I was a bit bummed because I was really looking forward to it but what was one more day?

Tuesday morning same routine: we were waiting outside at 7 and this time the bus came and dropped us at the site. We got all checked in and sat to wait. We saw our names on the screen for the second group and got harnessed and had our briefing. The plane returned and we watched the jumpers from the first group land. As we waited to board, they announced there was an issue with the plane and our jump was going to be delayed. Yeah no worries, fix that plane. Take as long as you need.

Eventually they told us they were going to drop us back off at our accommodations because they had to fly in a plane from a different location. I was pretty starving at that point so I didn’t mind. We waited for a couple hours back at the hostel in limbo not knowing we whether they were going to call us back for the jump or not. The only issue was that we had to travel back up to Brisbane that evening because I was flying back to Airlie the next day and Max to Deutschland so we didn’t couldn’t push it back another day.

Thankfully they called us and picked us back up. We weren’t the first group but we finally got around to being called and harnessed and loaded onto the plane. The ride up was beautiful as we climbed 14,000 feet up while circling over Cape Byron, I even saw a whale from way up high. I was 4th in line to jump out of the plane and it was really jolting watching people getting sucked out of the plane into nothingness. When I jumped with my instructor, the first 10 seconds were just sheer terror. It was so cold I couldn’t feel my face. But it was amazing. I had just as much fun when the parachute was pulled and we were pulling hard turns over the New South Wales landscape.

It was such an amazing experience I would totally do it again. Here’s the video below:

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