Update & upcoming travel

I’m still here! Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays.

I’ve been a bit MIA on Lead to Roam, but I haven’t been doing anything quite as exciting as when I was in ‘Straya… until now!

In less than a week I’ll fly to Baja Mexico to start a 10 week internship researching whale sharks. Why whale sharks, you ask? Why not! I swam with these gentle giants in Western Australia in May and it was so amazing I decided I wanted to learn more about them. I found out about the opportunity thanks to one of the rangers at Monkey Mia while I was volunteering with dolphins.

Whale shark in Exmouth, Western Australia

I’ll be in La Paz, two hours from Cabo on the western peninsula on the Sea of Cortez. I’ll live in a volunteer house provided by the program with the other volunteer(s). I’ll be doing snorkeling/free diving for the program and in my free time I hope to get in some scuba diving. There’s a place not far from La Paz where you can dive with sea lions, which I definitely plan on doing.  And I intend on blogging more frequently from there so stay tuned!

What have I been doing these past couple months?

For the past 3 months I’ve been back in Virginia working as a teaching assistant in an early childhood program. I spent the majority of my time with the 1 year old class full of adorable toddlers. I loved working there and made some good friends, toddler and non-toddler.

Aside from working, I’ve taken a few side trips: I traveled to Savannah for my cousin’s wedding, visited with some girlfriends from college in Richmond, spent a long weekend at my aunt’s in New York and revisited my childhood by exploring Williamsburg again. This was my first fall home in FOUR years, so I was really excited to celebrate Halloween and return to Chincoteague for Thanksgiving.

Savannah, GA
The refuge at Assateague
Williamsburg, VA
Selfie in front of the tree at Rockefeller

I’ve also enjoyed kayaking, biking and hiking whilst home. I dragged my friend Kelly on a bike trip to National Harbor in 30 degree weather and high wind chill. I’ve hiked 4 or so times in Shenandoah, including yesterday in the rain and thick fog. I went twice to Old Rag because the first time I went with my mom was during peak fall foliage and when we reached the rock scramble bit there was a line to get to the top.

It was like waiting to get on a ride at Disney World

On to more scenic views….

Old Rag


Billy Goat Trail

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed my time at home but I am ready for my next adventure!

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