Missed Milestone

I didn’t even realize it until just now, I’ve visited over 30 countries! I’m actually at 31, in Peru. I knew I was getting close but I didn’t know the exact number. I was also still debating whether Monaco really is its own country, which according to the internet, the answer is yes (is it though..?). So I am at 31.

Argentina was my number 30 and I had no idea. It passed without celebration or acknowledgement. It was a really boring affair, actually. When we crossed over on the bus from Chile, the whole bus had to offload and stand in line at Chilean customs, and then do the same thing 15 minutes later at Argentinian customs. And then the same thing in reverse less than a week later on the bus back to Chile.

Hello #30 !

ANYWAY, I loved Argentina. Six days was way too short of a time to spend there. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I’ve heard stories, ya know? But in Patagonia there was nothing to worry about. The people were super friendly and extremely hospitable. And even though I don’t really like maté myself, I like that something as simple as tea can bring strangers together.


I visited El Chaltén, which I LOVED and El Calafate, which I was less enthused about but it was still great. In El Chaltén, Meredith and I hiked for three days around Laguna Capri, Laguna de Los Tres and Laguna Torre. It was pretty cloudy the days we were there and we only got a glimpse of the infamous Fitz Roy peak for about 10 minutes in the morning when the sky was partially clear. It was breathtaking, in any event. I had to stop several different times to take it all in. El Chaltén town is really small and cute with tasteful tourist shops and a handful of nice looking restaurants. The best part is that the hiking trails leave straight from the edge of town.



DSC_0264 copy
Photo credit: Meredith Jeffrey


If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it

El Calafate is way more touristy and way more overpriced. I felt very indifferent towards the town, but there are tons of good activities to be enjoyed nearby. We kayaked around Upsala Glacier one day and did a glacier walk on Perito Moreno glacier the next. And then all too soon we were on the bus back to Chile to head back to Santiago.



There’s so many more places I want to visit like Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego, Bariloche, Mendoza, etc. So expect to see me again Argentina.

Here’s to 30 more!


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