Tired of travel

No pictures because it’s not one of those posts.

If you know me you know I love to travel. I can say that I travel more than most people I know, and I am very thankful for having these opportunities. 
Today I met a couple who has been traveling for five years. FIVE years. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t think I’m cut out for that type of travel. 

I’m gonna say the thing that long term travelers aren’t always willing to admit: I’m getting a bit tired of traveling. 

Some days I’m sick of all of it. The people bragging about how they’ve “done” Peru or “checked off” Europe. The people that just take a photo and leave, rather than concentrating on being there. The people bragging about how many top sites they’ve “ticked off” their list. As if travel is just a to-do list. 

I found myself questioning my decision to hike the Inca Trail when I saw how little fellow travelers seemed to care for it, leaving behind an astonishing amount of trash. 

I get annoyed at others who seem to travel just to party with other backpackers in foreign cities. 

Have you met any locals? Have you made an attempt at learning the language? Do you know how much money some families here survive on per week? I will admit in the past I’ve been guilty of answering no to these questions, but more recently I’ve been trying to connect more with the cultures I visit. 

And then some days, like today, I’m just mentally exhausted. Tired of constantly moving, tired of planning. Travel planning is such a headache. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get from Quito to Medellin, and got so overwhelmed that it turned into me pushing up my return home by two weeks.   

I’ve been gone for almost four months, which is by no means the longest I’ve gone without being home. But I am also going to be starting a job in June involving another 3 to 4 months of constant travel. Since accepting said job last month, I knew I was only going to have 1.5 weeks at home, but it only just hit me that I was not okay with that. For someone as adventurous as I claim to be, I sure enjoy having time to decompress; to cocoon myself in my parents’ house in between trips.

So in my heightened emotional state today I changed my flight home. I am still looking forward to my remaining travel, where I’ll meet up with some Aussie pals for an Amazon tour then head up to Colombia where I’ll get to spend time with friends and explore the coast a bit. 

But I am also now really looking forward to the 3 weeks I’ll have at home to chill out, and spend time with family and friends before heading out on my next adventure. 


  1. My comment on your most recent post probably should have gone here, but I didn’t read this post until afterwards. First, what job did you get?! Because whatever it is, I want it too (traveling for 3-4 months? Yes, please). Second, I did the exact same thing–I extended my time at home by an extra two weeks between S.A. and New Zealand after breaking down into tears the night before my scheduled departure. Worked out perfectly–I met you my first day in N.Z.! I feel yah, sister!


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